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One call is enough. Spylbil Haugesund is available 24/7. With us, you always get a local cleaning truck.

Flush truck 24/7

Is your drain clogged, or is your restaurant's floor drain full? From clogged drains to servicing pumps, our on-call flush truck drivers are ready to help you with all your needs.

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Has the water flooded the basement?

In the event of water damage, immediately turn off the water at the main water meter if possible. That way we can minimize the damage. Even in the case of environmental damage, time is never wasted and it's important to find a water truck quickly. By reacting to the problem immediately and calling our emergency service, you save time and effort.

Flushing truck on site in Haugesund 24/7

When you need a cleaning truck in the Haugesund area, contact 24 Center directly on 401 24 700. We work on an emergency call center principle and respond immediately to all your needs. We prevent the damage from escalating through telephone advice and dispatch a skilled washer truck to the site as quickly as possible, preferably within 15 minutes. The job is carried out by a cleaner in the Haugesund area who handles the work from start to finish on your terms. The local vacuum cleaner knows Haugesund's residential areas and, in the best case scenario, its buildings, finds the target quickly and carries out the necessary work in no time.

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Do you feel annoyed at having to contact multiple installers only to be told they can't take on any more work?

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Contact and book

You will receive a link to the tracking page

Our partner accepts the assignment and gets in touch with you

You will receive real-time information on how the work is progressing

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Flushing truck Haugesund 24/7

Do you have a blocked drain or is the floor drain in your restaurant full? Our flushing trucks are ready to help you with all your needs, from clogged drains to servicing pumps.

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Frequently asked questions about 24 Center!

24 Center is a call center for real estate technology. We offer help with real estate technology issues. You get all your real estate technology help, both urgent and non-urgent, with just one phone call.

24 Center Norway's head office is at Østensjøveien 43, Oslo. From the head office, our customer service serves all of Norway regarding real estate technical issues.

24 Center ensures that the customer gets in touch with the right supplier who can be on site at the right time. We believe that getting help when you need it should be carefree and fast!

Typical damage covered by home insurance is water damage caused by broken pipes or related equipment, as well as fire, smoke and soot damage. The amount of compensation for water damage is affected by the age of the damaged unit or pipeline.

Call no matter what. 24 Center's customer service wants to help customers in all emergencies. The call is free of charge and many things can be solved at home using tips based on customer service's experience.

24 Center also serves less urgent orders. Jobs booked at least three working days in advance also have a cheaper hourly rate. You can place your order yourself as an online order on our website at https://24center.no/online-bestilling/

Important tips for wash truck workers

If there are clogged pipes in several places, it is a sign that the clogging problem is deeper in the pipeline, in which case we recommend booking a flushing truck.

  • Labor (Flushing truck, weekdays 07-15): 2945 kr/hour (min. 2 hours)
  • Work (Flushing truck, other time than
    weekdays 07-15): 4345 kr/hour (min. 2.5 hours)
  • Work (Steam truck, weekdays 07-15): 3790 kr/hour (min. 3 hours)
  • Work (Steam car, other time than
    weekdays 07-15): 4890 kr/hour (min. 3 hours)
  • Labor (High power flushing truck, weekdays 07-15): 4190 kr/hour (min. 2 hours)
  • Work (Flushing truck with high power, other time than weekdays 07-15): 5590 kr/hour (min. 2.5 hours)

You can find all about pricing for 24 Center's services at Our prices

When there are recurring problems with the drain, it may be necessary to film the drain to see if it is in good condition. For example, if the drain drains poorly, the drain is bubbling or water is rising in the washbasin.

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